TurboTax Blog

Challenge: TurboTax has an opportunity to convert blog readers into customers. Blog articles are frequently visited and rank high on search engines like Google. What obstacles are preventing readers from converting into customers?

Research: While conducting usertests on competitor sites, including blogs along with current TurboTax blog pages, I made discoveries on design challenges and created a more attractive and efficient way of navigating blog pages to optimize interactivity.

Solution: Based on my research, I created a demo of the prospective site with wireframes, design and content using Wix.com. I presented to the team and explained my work so that once a design team was assembled, they could implement my research, content and design suggestions.

Result: Eventually, a team was assembled and completed the blog webpages as per my instructions.



When a list of blog articles are presented, we learned that clients want to know how long the article is, what category the article falls into and the title.

Once a reader is on the article they’ve chosen, they can see a Contents section where they can skip to a section relevant to them, if desired.