Sun Life – Behavioural Economics

Challenge: Redesign application pages for the Sun Life Go channel with the goal of increasing application completions.

Solution #1:

Copy Minimization

Research:¬†There are many factors that influence our feelings towards digital communications. The amount of copy presented in a digital piece can play a role in whether a person sees it as complex. This is a similar sentiment to the page’s design and layout.

When presented with Sun Life Go’s application, I found that there was a lot of unnecessary copy presented. The solution was to reduce copy and where applicable, place optional copy in tooltips.

Result: Applicants can confidently breeze through the application.


Solution #2

Affect Heuristic

Research: If something feels better, it must be better. Emotion guides and simplifies simple decision-making. If content is written in plain language and is perceived as caring and warm, we see an increase in conversion rates.

Solution: A more conversational approach to the application process. In the suggested text portion of the field, questions are spelled out. This creates an empathetic approach to getting the information we require.

Result: A 12% increase in conversion.