Noreen Farooqui

Noreen Farooqui is a writer and strategist with an education in behavioural science, literature, and psychology. She has worked with world renowned brands including Ford, Kraft, Microsoft, RBC, Dove and the Campaign for Real Beauty, Daimler Chrysler, and more. Her journalism articles have appeared in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, USA Today, Toronto Sun, and other publications. As an activist, she works to improve the conditions of immigrants and refugees. She is founder of the Caribbean Solidarity Network, an organization that celebrates IndoCaribbean culture, experience, and identity. She is  a University of Toronto mentor and is recognized for her work annually.


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What They’re Saying

"Noreen reported on speakers at WSC and wrote press releases. Inquisitive, factual, and enjoys writing."

"I was the project manager on a number of projects Noreen worked on at FCB. Noreen has been a valuable asset to the FCB web team. She demonstrated on many occasions a deep understanding of writing marketing materials for the online space and a strong ability for creative thought leadership. As a bonus, she is a joy to work with! I would recommend Noreen to any employer."

"As a former Senior Art Director at FCB, Noreen was my creative partner and I found her to be a great writer. I enjoy her creative approach to problem solving and she does it well especially under pressure and tight deadlines. A great pleasure working with her." 

"Noreen is a compassionate woman with a talent for writing. At Capital C, she writes on diverse brands ranting from automotive to education. Her main client and where she truly shines is with Dove and the Campaign for Real Beauty. She is able to draw on her feminism work and that makes all the different in the final creative. I highly recommend Noreen."

"Noreen's technical and creative writing expertise came together on her work on motorola. Her leadership skills, professional attitude, and thoughtful suggestions demonstrated her appreciation of the brand, and her aptitude in marketing."

"I was very impressed with the results from the content Noreen generated for search engine marketing."