Social Media: VH


VH‘s brand voice is worldly and intelligent. Our fans have an adventurous spirit and look forward to exploring new flavours in their kitchen. They engage with our Facebook Community to look for praise, and tips on improving the recipes they share.

For maximum exposure, our posts are made between 5 and 6 pm, as dinner is on the minds of most people.

For this brand, I was involved in the digital strategy, ideation, writing, editing, moderating, and dispute-resolution.

I was responsible for both the VH Sauces English site, and the VH Sauces Francais site. Effectively moderating and dealing with conflicts as they arose, I communicated in both English and French.

Creating the content calendar, I ensured a balance of promotions, special days, contests and incentives for user-generated content. I assisted a junior copywriter with her work, coaching her on writing for an online audience, and editing her work.

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