Chef Boyardee


Thank Goodness for Chef Boyardee!

Our target market is the “modern mom” who is part of a relatively affluent family with children ages 6+. She spends time online researching a variety of topics including vacations and weather. Her family is always on the go, which explains her busy lifestyle, and her choice in feeding her family Chef Boyardee.

On our Facebook Page, the tone is nostalgic; Chef Boyardee is a brand adults enjoyed as children and it’s time for our family to enjoy it now. Our family-friendly tone is confident and helpful: Chef wants you to save some time by being available for dinner!

For this brand, I was involved in the digital strategy, ideation, writing, editing, moderating, and dispute-resolution.

Creating the content calendar, I ensured a balance of promotions, special days, contests and incentives for user-generated content. I assisted a junior copywriter with her work, coaching her on writing for an online audience, and editing her work.