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RBC FutureMakers

RBC FutureMakers introduces career prospects to the fascinating world of RBC as a workplace. Banks are traditionally thought of as stuffy, suit-and-tie environments. Not in today’s world. RBC is a technologically-advanced space where creativity and individuality are celebrated. Hijabs, t-shirts, […]


Hurify is a platform to facilitate the development of Internet of Things (“IoT”) projects, including the matching of project owners with project managers and project development subcontractors, and hardware and software vendors within the IoT ecosystem. We combine global IoT […]


At Rogers, I was part of the User Experience Design team and was responsible for the behavioural science aspect of content when writing for the Enterprise and Small Business portion of the Rogers’ site. This includes Search Marketing – determining […]

New Balance

New Balance breathes style and comfort into your workout. My task on this project was to create search-friendly copy for the brand highlighting its performance-based shoes and apparel.


Ceridian is a global human capital management technology company serving more than 50 countries. The company is in the process of a brand revamp, and asked me to help with developing the brand with content aimed at small to mid-sized business entrepreneurs. Part of […]

RBC Rewards+ Visa

The RBC Rewards+ Visa card is aimed at millennials. Our goal was to provide a humorous, no-bs approach to credit card use: you have to buy things anyway, so might as well earn points towards things you need (or want) […]

Grossman Dorland Recruiting

Local business owner, Bruce Dorland enlisted my help for a complete rebrand of his technology-centred recruitment agency. Dorland wanted something fresh and engaging, with visual appeal – through the use of keywords. Wholeheartedly, I accepted the challenge as I got […]


As the Creative Strategist on Bayer brands (Claritin, Drixoral, and Aerius) I analyzed social media and website data for key metrics while offering insights on improvements on creative content (writing and imagery), and strategy (number of posts, timing, media). The […]

Loblaws Market Moments


Loblaws has been a part of many of our life Moments, from providing birthday cakes for childhood birthdays, gourmet cheeses for entertaining to charcoal for grandpa’s retirement barbecue. From October 22 – November 20, Loblaws is creating small Moments and […]

Campbell's Chunky Movember Noreen Farooqui

Campbell Chunky Movember

Campbell’s is supporting men’s health with its Chunky November initiative. For every can of Chunky purchased, Campbell’s is donating $5/can (up to 12 cans) to each participant’s mo space. All participants have to do is take a selfie of themselves […]

Playtex Logo


Playtex Play On encourages girls 13-18 to be active in sport during their periods. Posts ranged from motivational to product to special days, encouraging girls to Play On while living their lives to the fullest. I was the Copywriter and […]

Ministry of Economic Development Government of Ontario

Ministry of Economic Development

Hard economic times are upon us. As respective countries throughout the world turn to their leaders for solutions, here in Canada, the Government of Ontario together with the help of my agency and team launch a public relations campaign to […]

Grey Power Insurance

Writing for radio is always a treat. This is the most challenging medium as it requires the most amount of creativity. The audience only has auditory cues to rely on and must use their imagination to interpret events. Therefore, I […]

Chef Boyardee

Thank Goodness for Chef Boyardee! Our target market is the “modern mom” who is part of a relatively affluent family with children ages 6+. She spends time online researching a variety of topics including vacations and weather. Her family is […]

Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice‘s tone is motivational and encouraging. Our aim is to help users make healthier lifestyle choices. In order to accomplish this task, we address our Facebook Community users as trusted friends. This creates a comforting, supportive environment in which […]


I was responsible for editing the copy of 16 writers from Team Detroit, and presenting work to client at Ford Headquarters in Oakville.      

Kraft Ethnic Salads

As the SEO Director at Wunderman, my role was to ensure that copy was optimized for maximum discovery in Search Engine Results Pages. Optimizing content includes creating enjoyable, readable content that is keyword dense. Ethnic Salads was one component of […]

TD Discount Brokerage

Online trading at your fingertips. You’re in the driver’s seat with TD Discount Brokerage. Trade online and take control of your financial future.

Chartered Accountants of Ontario

How do you turn an otherwise “boring” profession and make it appealing to high school and university students? That was the challenge the Chartered Accountants of Ontario presented my team. Our solution? Chartered Accountants Rule the World. Chartered Accountants occupy […]

Smarties: Show Your Colours

This was a multimedia campaign where I created content for the Internet, television and candy boxes. The song, “Everyday People” was sung by duets in various genres: classical, beatbox, country, jazz etc., and the target audience, young adults ages 11-14 […]

Jeep Bug: A New Species

Jeep’s Bug: A New Species was one of my favourite projects at Organic. I thought it would be inventive to showcase the new model, The Bug, as an insect specimen in an encyclopaedic or display case, complete with traditional classifications: […]

Chrysler: Drive Like the Pros

At Organic, I was the Creative Lead on all e-direct copy including email campaigns for Daimler Chrysler Cross Brands (Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep). In addition to writing features about new lines of vehicles, I introduced readers to contests, promotions and […]