Gestures Around the World

Here’s a companion piece/quiz to last Sunday’s Body Language article. How many can you guess right?

Gestures Around the World

Body language isn’t always universal. Cultural differences abound. Take this quiz, and find out how savvy you are!


1) In this country, people point with their little finger.
a) Germany
b) Australia
c) Pakistan

2) This culture tends to make prolonged eye contact, as they believe it shows interest.
a) Caribbean
b) Arab
c) Mediterranean

3) People here shake their heads from side to side to indicate agreement.
a) China
b) Laos
c) India

4) Hands in your pocket is disrespectful in this country.
a) Nigeria
b) Turkey
c) Ecuador

5) The “ok” gesture is considered an insult in Latin countries.
a) True
b) False

6) In this country, a belch is welcomed as it indicates satisfaction with a meal.
a) Poland
b) India
c) Israel

7) Since it is used for toilet functions, using the left hand to touch is considered an insult in this culture.
a) Islamic
b) Buddhist
c) Mormon

8) While loudness indicates authority, confidence and strength by Arabs and Germans, in this country it is considered a loss of control.
a) Kenya
b) Japan
c) Philippines

Answers: Tomorrow.

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