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Creative & Digital Strategy: Claritin

As the Creative Strategist on Bayer brands (Claritin, Drixoral, and Aerius) I analyzed social media and website data for key metrics while offering insights on improvements on creative content (writing and imagery), and strategy (number of posts, timing, media). The […]

Grey Power Insurance

Writing for radio is always a treat. This is the most challenging medium as it requires the most amount of creativity. The audience only has auditory cues to rely on and must use their imagination to interpret events. Therefore, I […]

Smarties: Television Ad

This is a multimedia campaign where I created content for the Internet, television and candy boxes. The song, “Everyday People” was sung by duets in various genres: classical, beatbox, country, jazz etc. The target audience, young adults ages 11-14 were […]

Social Media: RealCup

RealCup coffee and teas appeal to a sophisticated consumer. My team developed a strategy and moderated the Facebook Community page so that we could create engagement in a supportive environment. We hold contests such as “What’s Your Favourite Mug?” and […]


Happy New Year. This is the first page of a 365-day story, and it starts with a brand new website. 🙂 Thanks to my friend, Alex, I’ve migrated to a more tech-savvy web hosting service, complete with a plethora of […]