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Humans of the Caribbean Diaspora

Taylor Jenkins of Humans of the Caribbean Diaspora featured me for a week. Here is an excerpt. My mother is from Princes Town, Trinidad and my father is from Hyderabad, Pakistan. On both sides, mass migrations were a reality due […]

Caribbean Solidarity Network

Caribbean Solidarity Network It’s been eight months since work began on the Caribbean Solidarity Network. Since then, we’ve built a website, a twitter community, an instagram community, had numerous events, and made many friendships along the way. This is the […]

Mr. Ulysse Gets Schooled

Jude Ulysse is a diminutive man, standing at 5″4. He is shy, with rough hands, and tends to avert his gaze when in close proximity to you. As a high school teacher at Langstaff Secondary School, he teaches French Immersion. […]

Waltzing Through Vienna

Let me take you on a journey into the past, to the world of Freud and Mozart, with the modern-day elegance of sophisticated technology. Waltz with me through the cobblestoned streets of Vienna.

In a New York State of Mind

As a writer for Travel with Jam, I discover classic treasures and uncover hidden gems in cities around the world. Travel with Jam is aimed at luxury travellers who enjoy the finer things in life, while appreciating the simplicity that […]

Can’t Buy Me Love

You don’t have to know me for very long before you discover I have a sweet tooth. So much so, that the guy at the Italian bakery counter across the street seems to think I have a crush on him, […]

Artist Profile: Isti

One of my former advertising partners is an avid photographer, who took a break from ad land to not only take photographs, but tour. Some of this work was featured in his exhibit as well as in television interviews. His […]

The Johari Window

Psychology and people fascinate me. Our relationships with others can change us in profound ways. A child who is loved will grow up thinking she can accomplish anything. An adult can do the same. I found unconditional love in my […]

Gestures Around the World

Here’s a companion piece/quiz to last Sunday’s Body Language article. How many can you guess right? Gestures Around the World Body language isn’t always universal. Cultural differences abound. Take this quiz, and find out how savvy you are! 1) In […]

Artist Profile: Rosaline Lee

As I write this, it’s a snowy winter wonderland outside my window, perfect for joy and celebration. For Christmas 2014, my friend, Ros decorated her tree with characters from Star Wars. It’s been a 2-year project in the making, and […]

La Braja: Part 2

Continued… Those who wish to learn how to concoct these tasty delights have the opportunity to do so with La Braja Tours. Guests custom design the week-long visit that includes cooking lessons, tours of Piemonte vineyards, and excursions to seasonal […]

La Braja: Part 1

It’s a very cold winter, and I am dreaming of some place warmer than here. Italy comes to mind, and I have very fond memories of various regions we visited and the lasting friendships we made. Here’s a story I […]

Sizzling Salsa Documentary

At long last (almost 2 years), here’s the salsa documentary I’ve been talking about. I am in it. So watch it. 🙂 Dancing at the Toronto Salsa Practice is my Saturday escape. I get to forget about my week, and […]

Canadians & Sex Appeal

February is the month of love. With the winter wonderland we’re experiencing, it’s nights like these that we like stay in and cuddle. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d share with you an article I wrote about […]

Lead with Confidence

Take a moment to look at the people around you. What impressions are you getting from them? Who is tired? Happy? Sad? Likewise, what are you communicating to them? Are your legs crossed? Arms folded? Chin up? Like it or […]