Caribbean Solidarity Network

Caribbean Solidarity Network

It’s been eight months since work began on the Caribbean Solidarity Network. Since then, we’ve built a website, a twitter community, an instagram community, had numerous events, and made many friendships along the way.

This is the work of a community, and the stars were aligned for this to happen NOW. We connected online, met in person, projects got started, and most importantly…we started talking. Talking about the issues that so many of us from all different backgrounds and experiences shared. Our history. What’s in our DNA. What our ancestors experienced is part of who we are today.

The IndoCaribbean experience of indentureship from 1845-1917  has had a profound impact on our labour-bonded ancestors and their future generations.

Our relationship to India, to South Asians, with IndoCaribbeans from other islands, and other ethnic groups in the Caribbean is fraught with complexity and emotion.

Caribbean Solidarity brings us together as a people, and our IndoCaribbean culture, experience, and identity unite us further as brothers and sisters.

IndoCaribbeans are a minority population in the Caribbean, with approximately 2.5 million currently living in the region. Throughout the world, we are dispersed across almost every continent.

We share the experience of indentureship from South Asia and our culture is largely made up of customs passed down to us from our Indian ancestors, and the cultural elements that our migrant relatives adopted from other ethnic groups in the Caribbean and throughout the world.

Our names, language, food, music, religious practices, festivals and clothing all reflect the fusion of characteristics from our Indian heritage and migration.

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